The prison that almost became my home.

Matters of the heart♡


She is sitting in a dark prison cell, the walls are closed in. She could not escape the endless, darkened mist that surrounded her daily. She never knew what lay beyond The walls of the cell. Life in this cell was the normal for her. The screams she heard paralyzed  her from even pushing on the door. Daily she sat in the silent strong sombre corner of the chilled room, shivering and shaking in the darkness of the cell.
The darkness worried her,  her imagination supplied many beasts with fantastical jaws to lurk beyond the range of my vision. But this was the life she had chosen wasn’t it it? So she must embrace it.?  As the minutes turned into hours and the hours turned to weeks and months turned to years. Time had almost stopped. The exertion grew into a beast, huge and grotesque that would be feed by…

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