She Is:

God’s most precious

Full of ambition

Worth more than rubies

A hard worker

Beautiful, inside and out 

Full of life

Overflowing with love

That friend that will love you truly and honestly

That sister that will be there with a tub of ice cream and sit with you through your tears, making sure you’re alright

Healthy and fit

A powerful business woman


Forgiving, her hurts run deep but her focus is not to carry them with her, but to let go so that so God can mend her

Her mother’s pride

Her husband’s priced jewel

Her children’s pillar

God adores her



These are some of the characteristics of the beautiful women that i know and that inspire me everyday. My prayer is that we see the beauty and strength that is inside us. May we uplift each other, be there for each other and love each other. That even though we may have our flaws, that they do not define us and alter who we are in God’s eyes. May our worth be found only in Him.


#HappyWomensDay #StrongWomen #BeautifulWomen #GodsChosen


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