Far More Than Rubies…

“I’m not good enough”
“I’ve got to much baggage”
“Everyone always leaves me in the end”
“They said I can never do it”
“My family is cursed”
“No one will want to marry/ be married to me”
“I’m not beautiful enough”
“I am not qualified enough”
“I have failed”
We all have at some point, or even now, said this about ourselves and believed it. It may even seem true, the odds may look stacked against you and it seems there’s no way out. It just doesn’t seem to get better, it never rains, but pours all the damn time and to be frank you’re just tired of it all. Then it begins, you start setting limits on the things you can achieve, shelving dreams, building a wall around you that not even Joshua and his armies could bring down and you shut people out. Seems like a solution doesn’t it? Playing it safe, being in your comfort zone, in your own world alone? Right? No, WRONG!!!

You see the devil’s greatest weapon is DECEIT. He is so good at it that you even believe his LIES. Okay, so that guy/girl that you gave your whole world has left you with no explanation, that course you studied so hard for, well you failed it and it’s going to take longer to finish your program, that great business plan/idea/application you had for that big breakthrough you needed got rejected or you’ve messed up so bad and you just cannot see a solution or a way to overcome. Whatever it is that is making you feel so small right now and not worth it, know this, it’s a LIE. You may be feeling like you cannot come out of it, it hurts, it’s too much, it’s not easy, you don’t have the strength to fight it anymore, and that’s okay. Cry if you have to, scream if you can, go through the emotions, let it out because from here, you are going to pick yourself up and stick it to the devil, and prove to him that HE IS A LIAR!


You see God did not say weapons will not be formed, but he did say THEY WILL NOT PROSPER against you. The closing of one door does not mean that it was the only one, that person falling out of love with you or deceiving you does not mean that there’s something wrong with you, it just means they were not the right fit for you and there’s someone out there who will be just the right fit for you. It’s okay if your business idea was rejected, it may have been the wrong platform for you to present your idea or maybe it’s an opportunity for you to learn more and perfect it and present it again. Hey, it’s okay to fail because you can only do or be better from it…
”I have failed so many times that’s why I am successful. I can identify problems before they come because I recognize
You are not defined by rejection, failure or your PAST but only by that which your creator says you are.
There’s nothing new in God’s eyes, he knows it all, and he knows your battles before you face them. As you are, He HAS CHOSEN YOU, he says you are MORE THAN A CONQUEROR (Romans 8:37). No matter how you feel or what you have done, you cannot change God’s mind about you. God is not stuck in your past or your regrets, he is right here with you, planning on how he will use you to SLAY giants, take on the mountains, possess the lands and move into the amazing plans he has for you.
“….but with God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26
There are no boundaries, heart breaks, no limits, no insecurities, no rejections that can stop God from loving you and using you for amazing things. He has plans to prosper you and not harm you, for a hope and a future Jeremiah 29:11. You are the apple of His eye, he knew you while you were in your mother’s womb and he called you to be His.
“You are worth more than the compliments and opinions of those around you. Your worth is found in Jesus Christ. His perfect love, his intentional design; you have security and value despite what others think or say.” Girldefined.com
The creator of the universe and everything you know of says all this about you, you are his prized possession, yes you are and all he wants from you is to believe it. Keep walking on water, does it seem impossible, yes, maybe, but if you fix your eyes on Jesus and not look to the storms around you, the impossible will be possible.
You’re forgiven
You’re enough
You’re loved
You’re beautiful, you’re handsome
You’re desirable
You can do it
You qualify
You’re chosen
You’re worth it
Sometimes remembering your worth is difficult especially in the midst of storms. I have written some reminders on sticky notes that I stuck up on my wardrobe and each day I pick out something to wear, I am reminded of who I am in Him despite what the day will bring.


I do not know what it is today that is making you feel like you’re not enough, but know this: “You’re worth far more than rubies…” Proverbs 31:10 and God has chosen you soldier, he loves you and he will never leave you. Your worth is in Him…



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